01. Cats generally [arch] their backs when they feel threatened.
02. They walked under the [arch] and looked up at the beautiful painted ceiling.
03. Large trees [arch] over the cycling path, providing some welcome shade from the summer sun.
04. The dancer [arched] her back gracefully over the arms of her partner.
05. The newlyweds walked under an [arch] made of flowers to where their families and friends stood waiting.
06. There is a huge [arch], the largest triumphal [arch] in the world, celebrating the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte, located at end of the Champs Elysée in Paris.
07. The [arch] straddles the two borders of the United States and Canada, and is meant to represent the longest undefended boundary in the world.
08. As the little girl petted the cat, it [arched] its back up against her hand and began to purr.
09. She [arched] her back luxuriously and pressed herself against his naked chest.
10. A huge curved [arch] made of tubular steel and concrete is a well-known symbol of the city of St. Louis, Missouri.
11. Roman architecture is known for its triumphal [arches], which were built to represent the victories of the Emperor.
12. [Arches] must be well supported, usually with a wooden frame, during the process of construction.
13. The Roman Empire constructed [arches] from Germany to North Africa, and to Asia Minor to honor their victories over the local populations, and to emphasize the technical and artistic superiority of the Romans.
14. The [arch] at Saint-Rémy is the oldest [arch] in the whole of Gaul. It is seven and a half meters tall and has a single vault under which ran the road to Milan.
15. The [arch] is a very strong structure because instead of pushing downwards, the load of an [arch] bridge is carried outward along the curve of the [arch] to the supports at each end.
16. The Romans used [arches] to build huge stone bridges throughout the Empire.
17. The wedding guests raised their golf clubs in the air to form an [arch] for the young newlyweds to walk under after their marriage ceremony.
18. My parents built a beautiful [arch] decorated with climbing roses at the entrance to their garden.
19. The [arch] is the main supportive structure of the foot.
20. If the [arch] in your foot loses strength, the bones begin to collapse, causing your foot to flatten.
21. He has a lot of pain in his feet because his [arches] are collapsing.
22. It is difficult to find shoes for Kevin because he has a very high [arch].
23. An Indian proverb notes that an [arch] never sleeps.
24. Erosion has resulted in the formation of natural [arches] in the massive sandstones of the Colorado Plateau.
25. Romanesque churches were built on the architectural principle of the round [arch] of the Roman basilica.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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